Collaborative Fund is excited to announce that we led Dandelion’s recent seed round.

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Values and Mission Alignment Throughout Our Organization

I first met Lauren Loktev in 2012.

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Thank You Kanyi Maqubela

When I hired Kanyi back in 2011, he was an optimistic, smart, fun-loving, thoughtful person. We immediately hit it off. We both cared deeply about making the world a better place, and that bond proved to be a foundation for an incredible business partnership and friendship.

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Welcoming Morgan Housel

We’re excited to welcome Morgan Housel to the Collaborative Fund team.

Morgan and I met over a year ago and immediately hit it off. His sensibility, pragmatic optimism, sense of humor, and diverse set of interests made him a perfect fit for our group.

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Collaborative Fund and Sesame Workshop Launch Collab+Sesame


We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Sesame Workshop. Together, we are launching a new fund, Collab+Sesame, focused on childhood development. Below are some questions and answers about this initiative!

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Collaborative’s next step

Today is an exciting day at Collaborative Fund. First I’d like to welcome our newest partner – Lauren Loktev.

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Introducing Featuring, a newsletter celebrating creative entrepreneurship

A little over three years ago, Craig invited me to join him on a journey to create a platform for investing in creative entrepreneurs trying to change the world.

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Collaborative & CircleUp Announcement

We’ve heard many times that it’s easier and cheaper to launch a company than ever before.

Much of the time, this observation is made with regards to its effects on founders. Lower barriers to entry mean more people flocking to startups, more startups being created, and more solutions being offered than problems we knew we had. But this influx of new companies also affects investors.

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Let’s PlayAlong!

We like to experiment at Collaborative Fund. We’ve experimented in the ongoing development our investment thesis, creating and fostering an online community of people who share our values, and from time to time we develop side projects that benefit our community and causes we care about.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our newest project: PlayAlong!

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Collaborative Fund Progress

A little more than three years ago, we launched Collaborative Fund with the goal of “investing in startups focused on two themes: collaborative consumption and those which use their values as a competitive edge.” We continue to believe that the underlying values of collaboration are core to successful 21st century businesses and hope our portfolio is a reflection of that belief.

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