Unpopular Opinions in Crypto

The truth of a proposition has nothing to do with its popularity. And vice versa. This is as true in investing as in anything else, and especially important to keep in mind in a nascent area like crypto where there are still far more open questions than answers. We wanted to share some of our reactions, thoughts, and perspectives on the relevance of some recently-expressed “unpopular opinions” (some of which are hopefully not so unpopular anymore) to crypto and investing more broadly.

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Now that we’ve lifted the veil on Collaborative’s crypto investing efforts, we plan to start providing some commentary on our recent investments since we kicked off last year. We’ll be putting out several of these posts in the coming weeks, starting with one of our first investments, in a company called StarkWare.

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Introducing Collab Crypto

I’ve been interested in distributed ownership models since I was a Ph.D. student - my doctoral thesis was on employee stock options. When I came across Bitcoin and blockchains shortly after I graduated in 2011, I immediately saw parallels between crypto and my academic work. In some ways, it felt like the next big step in what is inevitable for the future of financial transactions.

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