Collaborative Fund is a leading source of capital for entrepreneurs pushing the world forward.

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Using technology and networks to improve the health and sustainability of towns and cities.

We are investors in: Lyft, TaskRabbit, MakeSpace, Thumbtack, Roam, SOCAR, among others.


Reinventing the tools and resources that help advance future generations. Partnered with Sesame Workshop.

We are investors in: Hopscotch, Revolution Foods, Kano, DIY, among others.


Supporting new consumer products and services that are healthy, sustainable, and rooted in authenticity.

We are investors in: Sweetgreen, Blue Bottle Coffee, Hampton Creek, Good Eggs, Impossible Foods, Outdoor Voices, Walker & Company, Ripple Foods, among others.


Empowering consumers with data to help them take control over their health, and upending medicine’s traditional R&D model.

We are investors in: Science Exchange, Sherpaa, Zipdrug, Opencare, among others.


Democratizing financial services in ways that are equitable and transparent.

We are investors in: Kickstarter, Earnest, Bond Street, Tala, CircleUp, Upstart, among others.