Collaborative Fund is a leading source of capital for entrepreneurs pushing the world forward.

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Using technology and networks to improve the health and sustainability of our planet.

We are investors in: Dandelion Energy, Impossible Foods, Modern Meadow, Benson Hill, Zitara, Lyft, Quaise Energy, among others.


Reinventing the tools and resources that help advance future generations. Partnered with Sesame Workshop.

We are investors in: Lovevery, Outschool, Osmo, Sawyer, Brave Care.

Food & Agriculture

Backing the future of food — from farm to fork.

We are investors in: Sweetgreen, Good Eggs, Beyond Meat, Ripple Foods, The Farmer’s Dog, Magic Spoon, among others.


Empowering consumers with data to help them take control over their health, and upending medicine’s traditional R&D model.

We are investors in: Opencare, WHOOP, Particle Health, Circle Medical, among others.


Democratizing financial services in ways that are equitable and transparent.

We are investors in: Kickstarter, Tala, Upstart, Tagomi, Spruce, among others.